For many of us the Rules laid down by GCCF are fairly easy to understand, but some are a little more complicated, even for long-time breeders/exhibitors, let alone novices. Filling in forms incorrectly and not reading and understanding all the rules can catch people out and lead to disqualification after the show which is very disappointing, especially if your cat was successful on the day.


If you have bought a new kitten and want to enter it in a show, application to transfer the ownership into your name must be received at GCCF office at least 21 days prior to that show. Many owners are confused by this rule, especially if the breeder has already entered the kitten for a show and the new owner would like to enter a show which is held 14 days later. How do you get the kitten transferred into the new owner's name 21 days before the show? The answer is for the new owner to send off the transfer application less than 21 days before the show in which the breeder has entered the kitten (say, 2 weeks before that show). This means that the transfer application will be received by GCCF within 21 days of the show the new owner would like to enter but not within 21 days of the show the breeder has entered. By doing this the kitten will still be registered in the breeder's name for the first show, but the owner's name for the second.

Many shows today extend their closing date for entries, but BEWARE! If you are entering vour cat in the Grand Class, the Champion/Premier title must be gained before the official closing date printed on the Schedule. GCCF do check all grand entries after the show and will disqualify any cat from that class if its title was gained after the official closing date.

If your cat was bred by Person 'A', but is owned jointly by Person 'A' and Person 'B', when completing the entry form the breeder must be named as 'Person 'A' and not "exhibitor". This cat is not eligible to be entered in the Breeders Class, but should be entered in the Non-Breeders Class

To enclose a stamped addressed envelope to GCCF and show managers with all documentation/show entries. Return of this envelope is proof that your letter/application/show entry has been received. This is especially important with show entries, as it is a long way to travel to some shows only to get there and find that your entry was never received - and it has happened!

When filling in your litter registration form about half-way down on the right-hand side there is a small section which says "state the number of kittens in the litter". This is very easy to miss, especially when you are concentrating on filling in the whole of the document correctly but if you do forget this declaration, the form will be returned to you, causing a further delay.


If your cat is lucky enough to have already won 1 or 2 certificates, you must check for a judge change as soon as you arrive at the show. The qualification to win the title of Grand/Champion/Premier is that you must win 3 Grand/Challenge/Premier Certificates from 3 different judges. if you get to a show and find your judge has been changed to one from whom you already have been awarded a Certificate, you must inform the Show Manager immediately, as he/she will have to arrange to have the Certificate counter-signed by another judge.

When you go to a show check your show entry for incorrect details as soon as you receive your catalogue - it's a good idea when entering shows to keep a photocopy of your entry form for reference. If there are any mistakes in the catalogue, you must inform the Show Manager immediately to have this corrected.

To add 'N' for neuter after your 'M' or 'F' in the sex column after you have neutered your cat/kitten. This is one of the most common mistakes made on show entry forms.

The GCCF do not recognise overseas titles. If one of your cats holds such a title this should not be placed in front of the cat's name on any official documentation, either show entries or registration/transfer certificates, although you can obviously use them in pedigrees.

When your cat finally wins a title, you must write to GCCF to claim that title, don't just assume that it happens automatically. Write to the GCCF giving the dates, shows and judges of the 3 qualifying wins (2 if you are lucky enough to win a UK Grand title). GCCF will then include your cat1s name and details in the List of GCCF Champions and Premiers when it is next published in "Cats" and will eventually send you your cat's medal (gold for entires and silver for neuters) with his/her name and title and the date that title was gained engraved on it.

One final thing, which is so easy to forget and which you have to do on every form you ever fill in, DON'T FORGET TO SIGN IT! & Include your entry fee

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